Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Biggest Loser, Week 3

It was the week of choices on The Biggest Loser, and Tracey made two choices that I think are going to haunt her the rest of the game. First, she chose to go the week without the trainers for a measly 2-pound advantage at the weigh-in. And she did it without consulting her teammate, Mo. I felt like he was put in a bad position because he didn't agree with the decision but he's a team player and thus supported Tracey. I totally understand Jillian being upset at Tracey's decisions, but I didn't like how she chastised Mo for being a supportive teammate. There wasn't anything he could have done after Tracey's decision was made.

It was interesting, and inspiring, how many of the contestants knew they needed the trainers and weren't about to accept the pound advantage so easily. Liz said it best when talking about how much she needed the trainers: "I know myself. I didn't get fat by pushing myself."

Tracey's second choice, to eat cupcakes during the temptation challenge so that she could be in control of who weighed in for each team in the weigh-in, was an even worse decision, in my view. She made a lot of enemies tonight by choosing who she did to weigh in for each team. She made the pink team mad, and she made Shay cry because she was one pound from where she needed to be to keep her team above the yellow potential-elimination line. Now Tracey has a big bull's-eye on her, and that's not fair to Mo.

What's an even sadder result of Tracey's decisions was that no one was happy for her when she posted an impressive 11-pound loss this week. I mean, these people are here to lose weight and get healthy, and I don't think she could even rejoice in her own weight loss.

After the weigh-in, the tears flowed again back at the house when the two teams below the yellow line (red and yellow) discussed how much it meant to them to stay and continue their journeys. But then in a moment of incredible, admirable self-sacrifice, the red team of Sean and Antoine basically told everyone to vote them off because they felt they could continue the weight loss at home, that Shay needed to stay in the game because she didn't have a support system at home like they did. These guys have won lifelong friends because of their selfless actions. And they did continue the impressive weight loss at home. Sean is now able to run with his kids, and he and his wife are expecting a baby girl very soon, one they plan to name Jillian.

And in a moment that was already wonderful because of the weight loss success, Antoine's "how are they doing now" segment spoke to my romance writer heart, too. On top of his successful weight loss, he's found love -- with Alexandra, who was the first person eliminated this season. How awesome is that?! They keep each other going with their continued weight loss efforts.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Tracey can redeem herself and find a way back into the group's good graces?


Michelle Butler on September 30, 2009 at 9:27 AM said...

I missed the first 37 minutes, so I didn't actually see Tracey make her decisions. Since she can't work out, I don't see how giving up the trainers is such a big deal. I do think she'll be on the outs for awhile now. It makes for good tv, so she'll definitely be edited as the villianess. Obviously, all this is not good for her psyche.

I actually liked Jillian challenging Mo. He did have a choice. I think relationships can be complicated things and sometimes can be damaging to your own progress. Clearly, his relationship with Tracey hurt him. In my mind, it's all an analogy to how relationships can hurt you in "real life" - kind of like many parts of this show. It's also trying to force him to confront his self-defeating behaviors.

Shay did really fall apart, didn't she? It was very moving. I do wonder if she'll be able to see herself as not a victim at the end of this process. I do find it interesting that both she and Sean spent a lot of time in foster care (I don't think Sean's time has come up - I read it in his bio online), but he has found a way to have a good support network.

Antoine and Alexandra were cute. :) Are they from the same area?

Michelle Butler on September 30, 2009 at 10:57 AM said...

From the Programming Insider:

Next up was NBC with another two-hour edition of feel-good The Biggest Loser (5.1/ 8), which built in every half-hour and is always on the map among adults 18-49, and the third Tuesday edition of The Jay Leno Show (#3: 4.7/ 8). As predicted, Leno has its best shot of generating interest out of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday. Take a look at the half-hour breakdown for The Biggest Loser:

The Biggest Loser (NBC)
8:00 p.m.: 4.3/ 7 (#2)
8:30 p.m.: 4.7/ 7 (#2)
9:00 p.m.: 5.3/ 8 (#3)
9:30 p.m.: 5.9/ 9 (#3)

Sarah J. Bradley on September 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM said...

I agree that Tracy made a lot of bad decisions and enemies in this episode. I generally don't cry during "BL" but I did last night because of the selflessness of the two men. Those are two of the good guys and they may not win the big bucks in this show, but they've won something far more precious. I feel for Coach Mo who is a good guy who just got stuck with Tracy by default. Guess we'll see what happens next week.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) on September 30, 2009 at 1:31 PM said...

Michelle, you're right -- when things get wild or nasty like this, that's what keeps viewers coming back from week to week. I told hubby last night that if they didn't make each week suspenseful and vote someone off, many viewers would watch the first episode and the last to see the difference in the contestants between the two. And if they did that, the show wouldn't be on very long.

I hope Shay can manage an emotional makeover during the season too. I know when you feel like a victim, it's very hard to pull yourself out of that mindset. It takes a lot of determination and support.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) on September 30, 2009 at 1:32 PM said...

Sarah, I was really moved by Sean's and Antoine's self-sacrifice. I just hope that Shay continues to do well and doesn't give up. I do see a big difference in her attitude toward the exercise from week 1 to this week.

R. H. H. on September 30, 2009 at 7:38 PM said...

Hi Trish,
Yesterday's episode was really, really touching. I was really moved by Sean and Antoine's attitude as well. By the way, I heard that Ali Vincent (The Biggest Loser season 5 winner) will do a chat with her fans next week. The site is called Hope you and everyone who loves the show can join :)

Theresa Ragan on October 5, 2009 at 4:00 PM said...

Trish, I LOVED last week's episode. What a great ending. I felt so good after seeing how great Sean and Antoine did. and I agree...Tracy has a bullseye on her back. I think she blew it big time. I never root for the big time game players who will sell their soul for a one pound advantage. I mean just get on the treadmill and do your best! The selfish ones rarely go all the way. Can't wait to see what's going to happen this week!

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