Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Biggest Loser, Week 7

Rudy is the man! With another fabulous one-week loss in the double digits, Rudy broke the record for fastest loss of 100 pounds in show history, hitting the mark in Week 7, one week sooner than last season's Dane -- who made an appearance on tonight's show to congratulate Rudy.

This week's episode was about one-on-one faceoffs. The blue team won the first challenge, which required them to hit two discs on opposite sides of a horizontal pole. Unlike some of the other challenges (like last week's digging in the sand), the shorter, smaller contestants seemed to have an advantage in this one because it was easier for them to do all the bending to get under the pole each time. Rebecca and Amanda rocked at this challenge, but it was Rebecca who brought it home for the blue team. And for that win they got to choose who they would each compete against.

But the black team wasn't without a win and an advantage tonight. They won a challenge in which they had to pick up baseballs scattered over a baseball field and use them to eliminate members of the other team from the challenge. My mom called in the middle of this challenge, so I missed who was the last person standing. But I did see that the black team won and got a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Unfortunately for them, it was for naught. They gave both pounds to Amanda, who has had single-digit losses each week and was competing against her best friend on the show, Rebecca. Even with the two-pound advantage, she wasn't able to beat Rebecca.

The black team fell short in the weigh-in, and they voted Abby off at her request. She said she'd gotten the kickstart she needed to go home and reclaim her life after the tragedy of losing her husband and two children two and a half years ago. I hated to see Abby go, but she really seems to be doing wonderfully. Her story really touched me, and it was obvious tonight that it had touched her fellow contestants and the trainers. I think that's the closest I've ever seen Jillian to breaking down. She appears to be using her tragedy and the success from the show to continue to touch lives. She seems like one of those genuinely wonderful, caring people the world needs more of, and I wish her every happiness life can bring her. And she looks great!

One thing that stuck out to me tonight was when the contestants walked onto that baseball field and saw the big blowups of their pictures when they came onto the show. It's amazing the changes that have happened already. Shay said it best when she said, "That's not who I am anymore."

Next week's previews indicated that the time of reckoning might be on the horizon for Tracey. We'll see if that's true or just a clever device to encourage viewers to tune in.

What were your favorite moments from this week's episode? Any light bulb moments?


Theresa Ragan on October 29, 2009 at 12:07 PM said...

I do hope Tracey's time on the show is coming to an end...why her team kept her I just don't know...or understand!

Rudy is doing amazing! I hope Shay does well in the end.

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