Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big, Huge, Ginormous Challenge

I missed out on doing a goals post on Sunday because I was driving home from my 20-year high school reunion. But I've been thinking about a big goal I'm going to shoot for and take you all along with me.

With the holidays and all their edible temptations around the corner (pumpkin pie, yeast rolls, cookies...), I need a plan of attack for the remaining weeks before Thanksgiving. So I thought, let's have a Pre-Holiday Weight Loss Challenge. Now, remember, don't do anything that's unhealthy to lose weight. That's not what we're about here. We're all about smart choices and getting fit and healthy so we can enjoy all the other aspects of our lives.

There are six weeks before Thanksgiving, and I'm going to really push with the exercise and really watch the calorie intake. My goal? To lose 10 pounds before Turkey Day. That's a little less than 2 pounds a week. Will I make it? Is that overly ambitious? I don't know, but I'm sure going to try.

Now, I would love to have all our loyal readers of the blog post their goal for this time period. Be realistic, but maybe pose a goal that will make you really happy if you make it. And whoever wins the challenge will get their own day on the blog to tell us how they did it and how the accomplishment feels.

Today's progress:

A lot of computer time today prepping a report that is due tomorrow, so not the numbers I'd like to have.

Calorie intake: 1,764

Exercise: None

Steps: 5,006


Annie Solomon on October 14, 2009 at 9:42 AM said...

On my knitting retreat this weekend, a couple of the gals have been to a fitness spa as a pre-holiday warm up. They said the food was delicious even if they were held to 1200 cal/day. And lots of exercise. Two of the gals lost 5 lbs and the other 3. If I could afford it, I'd try that. Your goal is ambitious, so lots of luck with it!

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