Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Many Victories Along the Way!

My own post yesterday inspired me to go to the local Ann Taylor at lunch today and try on 6 pairs of pants in size 10. To my shock and glee, 4 of the 6 fit (though they were on the tight side), and I could get the two pairs of jeans on and might have been able to fasten them if I did something crazy like lie down before I tried to zip them. Oh, happy day! This was not the case just 2-3 weeks ago!! I need to pull out more of the 10s I got at the clothes swap Saturday to see if any of them fit. The one Armani pair I tried did not, and I just assumed the others would not either. Maybe the Banana Republic 10s will now.

People, do you know how small a pair of size 10 pants look when you hold them up? I can not believe I can fit into something so darn small. I'm hoping to get below 180 tonight at my Weight Watchers weigh in tonight (not sure where all the weight is given I now wear a 12/10 - can't all be in my chest, stomach, butt and thighs, can it?), but it does not matter that much. I can just tell myself I now wear a 10 as I get off that scale tonight. Yes, I really am going to stick to my goal of getting into the Weight Watchers healthy weight range of 124 to 155 for a person who is 5' 6", but there are so many victories along the way to acknowledge and celebrate. What joy!

What victories have you celebrated along your way to becoming a Healthy Writer?

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Michelle Butler on March 16, 2010 at 8:42 PM said...

Update: So, I gained .2 of a pound, which is probably good given how much I ate out last week. It's not always good mentally to lose weight on the weeks that you know you ate more than normal. I'll hit the 170s in the next week or two.

After the WW meeting, I went to yet another favorite store to see if I could fit in more 10s. I tried on a bunch at Ann Taylor Loft. More 10s fit! It shouldn't be a surprise since I know the hips of 12 Marissa pretty much match the hips of 10 curvy/Julie, but it's still cool to confirm it. I stared at myself in this sharp black suit with Julie 10 pants and just could not believe I was looking at me. I looked so small and so good if I say so myself.

Again, these victories are amazing!

A bunch of my WW buddies were talking about the different running races they signed up for this spring, so I also dragged myself to a lululemon sports store and got a bunch of super duper sports bras. Amazing stuff! I need to up my workouts back to where they were in the summer/fall. Daylight Savings Time helps.

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