Friday, July 31, 2009

Using Clothing as Inspiration

One of the tips I've seen offered for keeping true to weight loss goals (especially for women) is to focus on a specific outfit you want to wear. This can be something you already have that you can no longer wear (lots of conference suits for me) or something that you don't own yet but promise yourself you'll buy when you hit a certain size. I've already told myself that I'm not buying any more new clothes until I drop a size or two. My dream is to drop three sizes, but I think I might be satisfied with two if I've hit my goal weight by then. I think I was in my first year of college the last time I could fit into a pair of jeans that were three sizes smaller than what I wear now.

Speaking of jeans -- they can serve as a motivator and way to visually gauge weight loss. Find a pair of jeans you have that fit snugly, perhaps are even a little uncomfortable. Try them on every so often and see if they're getting looser. And remember, sometimes you might be losing inches when the scales aren't moving.

Today's reading -- I read a few quick success stories by women who'd lost weight in Fitness magazine. One of them suggested the tip for using an outfit to track your progress instead of a scale.

Today's progress:

Same weight. I think I'll go to weighing only every 2-3 days.

Calorie intake: 1,403.32

Exercise: 45 minutes walking & 10 sit-ups

Steps: 10,244


Susan Sey on August 3, 2009 at 8:58 AM said...

Hi, Trish! Great post! I definitely use my jeans as a guage toward health. When they're a bit tight, I know it's time to pay more attention to what I'm putting in my mouth. I really dislike the end of summer, as it means a reckoning with jeans I haven't seen in a few months. :-)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) on August 4, 2009 at 12:03 AM said...

Okay, first, I can't imagine you ever having trouble fitting into jeans, but I know everyone has her own goals and where she feels good. I'm just talking from my viewpoint several jean sizes larger than you. :)

And I know how you feel about returning to jeans season. Shorts are so much more forgiving, especially gym shorts with elastic waistbands!

Michelle on August 5, 2009 at 4:33 PM said...

This can be hugely inspiring. I think I may be coming out of an 8-10 week plateau when my scale did not change, but I went down a size. The one thing that kept me from going crazy and keep following the WW plan and the big increase in exercise was trying on specific clothes every week or two and making note of the fact that I was getting smaller even if the scale was not reflecting that.

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